Liz Crow Biography

Liz Crow is a disabled person and activist-artist working in performance, film, audio and text. A former NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) fellow, her work has shown at Tate Modern, British Film Institute and Washington DC’s Kennedy Center. Liz is a doctoral candidate undertaking practice-led research at University of West of England.

In 1992, she wrote ‘Renewing the Social Model of Disability’, published in Coalition News (Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People), which considered the role of impairment in relation to the experience and politics of disability. This paper was subsequently developed as ‘Including all our Lives: Renewing the Social Model of Disability’, a chapter in the 1996 book Encounters with Strangers (editor Jenny Morris; Women’s Press). The chapter has been reprinted in further publications and continues to be widely cited.

Liz’s work can be found at She is on Twitter @RGPLizCrow

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