Chronic Illness Inclusion

Chronic Illness Inclusion


How should DWP engage with disabled people?

Our response to the Social Security Advisory Committee.

The CIIP responded to an important consultation on how the DWP should improve the way it engages with disabled people.

The Social Security Advisory Committee asked disabled people and their organisations what we think about the way DWP does, or does not, involve us in designing its policies.

We made three main recommendations:

  1. Rebuild trust. Under WCA and PIP people with energy limiting chronic illness are often disbelieved and dismissed as not genuine disabled people. There can be no dialogue or partnership with us unless assessment systems listen to and validate our experiences of ill health and impairment.
  2. Ensure representation. A large proportion of disability benefit claimants have issues with stamina and fatigue. We need to be consulted as a group of disabled people.
  3. Accessibility. Many people with ELCI are housebound and have significant cognitive dysfunction. Engagement processes and events need to reflect this.

Read our full response here.