Geoff Jones (MSc) is a writer with lived experience of severe chronic illness since childhood. Geoff’s experience of ME began aged 13. He was too ill to attend school or manage home tutoring. As his health improved, he found accessing education was dependent on helpful and sympathetic personnel rather than on structures and regulation. Geoff’s main areas of concern are the lack of entitlement to education for children and young people with severe chronic illness and media misrepresentation of the disease. His experiences studying for a BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences and an MSc in Medicinal Chemistry with the Open University have been markedly different as that institution is designed to be inclusive, although recent changes risk restricting access to people with chronic illness.
Social and cultural exclusion have played a large part in Geoff’s life due to long periods being housebound, though the arrival of the internet has ameliorated this to a degree. Consequently, he has a keen interest in the social/political/cultural aspects of exclusion.

Geoff blogs at Uffing Wolf Spouts and is on Twitter @geoffbiosci

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