What is the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project?

Our project is led by disabled people living with energy-limiting chronic illness. The aim is to bring the chronic illness community together online to explore our shared experiences under a social model of disability, in the emancipatory research tradition.

Our research focuses on the lived experience of chronic illness rather than the medical perspective, and looks at how cultural attitudes and social organisation create unnecessary disadvantage to our wellbeing and life chances. This research will inform our manifesto for changing perceptions and policies towards chronic illness by 2020.

The Chronic Illness Inclusion Project is part of an emerging Citizen Network, for a world where everyone can be an equal citizen.

New publication: Stories of Our Lives​

In many studies into the long-term effects of chronic illness individual stories are lost within the statistical data. Stories of Our Lives takes a different approach by collecting the experiences of five people living with energy-limiting illness and positioning their stories at the heart of the research. 

These case studies provide a rare insight into the day-to-day reality of chronic illness, allowing the reader to see the common factors that affect the energy-impaired, regardless of the underlying causes. Humanising this data is an important step towards recognising the impact that chronic fatigue has on individuals, their families and their place within society.

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