Ill versus disabled – is there a distinction between the two?

Disabled activist, Stella Young recently wrote: ‘The social model tells us that we are far more disabled by inaccessible environments and hostile attitudes than we are by our physicality. My disability comes not from the fact that I’m unable to walk but from the presence of stairs.’ How true is this of people who are… Read more Ill versus disabled – is there a distinction between the two?

"Hidden illness": woman standing at a window looking out onto blurry landscape


I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Sorry I can’t make it to your birthday party, your family gathering, your funeral. Sorry, no, I can’t come over for tea on Friday. Why? No, I’m not doing anything else. But I’m going out for lunch the Tuesday before. Yes, I know that gives me Wednesday and Thursday to… Read more Sorry

From sick to disabled

From “sick” to “disabled”: my own journey

Catherine Hale looks back at how half a lifetime of chronic illness slowly changed her understanding of “disability”. I’ve been sick for nearly 30 years. That’s the whole of my adult life. I always thought of myself as “disabled” in the sense of being very incapacitated. During my bedbound phase I couldn’t wash, feed myself,… Read more From “sick” to “disabled”: my own journey