Who Are We

The Chronic Illness Inclusion Project is hosted and supported by the Centre for Welfare Reform. Meet the team:

Catherine Hale

Catherine is a disabled researcher and activist. She devised the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project and is lead researcher and project manager. Read more..

Jenny Lyus

Jenny is a disability rights and M.E. activist. She is Co-Investigator on our Chronic Illness Inclusion Project. Read more..

Dr Simon Duffy

Simon is Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform and Project Director of the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project. Read more..

Advisory Group

Dr Sarah Campbell

Sarah is a disabled researcher and activist and was lead author of the Spartacus Report. Read more..

Liz Crow

Liz is a disabled person and activist-artist working in performance, film, audio and text. Read more..

Geoff Jones

Geoff Jones (MSc) is a writer with lived experience of severe chronic illness since childhood. Read more..

Stef Benstead

Stef Benstead is an independent disability and social security researcher. Read more..

David Gillon

David is a disability rights activist, blogger and fiction writer. Read more..

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